Imap (The default)

Access from all popular clients using a username and password



    universal, Imap is supported by all mail clients

    tranferable, can be seen on multiple clients at the same time

    Calendar built into the web client


    you have to sign into each device

    you'll have to resign into clients periodicaly

    Can be Difficult to sign in


Apple Hosted Email

Access on Apple devices automaticaly


    No need to sign in, once your device is signed into icloud your email will automaticaly appear

    access on any device through


    Can take longer to load emails

    forced to use the apple mail client

    Can be Dfficult to move off the service

    Requires an icloud storage plan

Full IT Management

automatic access everywhere


    sign in once per device through a guided setup

    access through any client via imap or automatic service

    Calendar built into the webclient


    requires a very small download onto each device

    costs a small fee per seat (£5 per email account a month)